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Audition Info for Fall 2022

Auditions are open to any female-identifying or gender non-conforming student at the University of Michigan. No previous experience is required to audition! This audition season, we are particularly looking for soprano 1s and alto 2s, but everyone is welcome to audition!

Here is what to expect:

  • Scales: we will explore your range by having you sing both an ascending and descending scale on a vowel of your choice. Please do NOT feel like you need to extraneously stretch your range, we want to know what range you would feel comfortable singing in our songs. No need to memorize or prepare anything for this, but it would help to practice scales on your own!


  • Solo Excerpt: please prepare a verse and chorus of any song that you feel demonstrates your musical abilities and interests! We only ask that you refrain from musical theater or classical genres, but apart from that, choose something that you truly enjoy singing and lets your personality shine through! Memorization is encouraged. 


  • Tonal Memory: We will play a series of notes on the piano (up to three times) and ask you to sing the pattern back to us. No need to memorize or prepare anything for this.


  • Sight Reading: We will give you a short line of music, a starting note, and ask you to sing it to the best of your ability. We understand this can be intimidating, but don’t panic and just try your best! No need to memorize or prepare anything for this.


You will then be contacted shortly after regarding callback information!

Please send a message in our contact form or email with any questions or concerns!